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About Super Voxel WorldEdit

Super Voxel World is a creative, multiplayer sandbox. There are no pre-defined rules - make a world, add some fun stuff to do in it, and play with friends!

Noteworthy Features :

  • Infinite, procedurally generated terrain. Blocky, smooth, or something in-between.
  • Change the look of your world - sky, water, time of day and more
  • Full multiplayer support for Edit and Play Mode
  • Share worlds online with the Community
  • FPS, Platformer, Tower Defense, and puzzle mechanics. Mix and match!
  • Play in 2D, 3D, and switch between them using powerups
  • Vehicles with arcade-style physics and boosting
  • Add NPC's, modify their behavior, faction, and equipment
  • A robust electrical system
  • In-Game Scripting using JavaScript
  • Minecart physics and track generator

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